Episode #

Title Original Air Date


In The Wild January 5,2002
Mr. Bean heads out on a camping trip. His knowledge of wild animals proves less than worthy.

Missing Teddy

January 5,2002
Teddy is stolen by burglars and Mr. Bean seeks the culprits out. The bears are transformed to bunny bears and Bean came up plane to rescue them all.
3 Artful Bean January 12,2002
Mr. Bean decides to become an artist after he receives inspiration from amateur art.
4 The Fly

January 12,2002

Mr. Bean becomes irritated chases a destructive fly through the house.
5 No Parking January 19,2002
Mr. Bean's tries to find a parking spot so that he can watch a new movie with little success.
6 Bean's Bounty January 19, 2002
Mr. Bean believes he has struck gold when he discovers buried treasure on a mining site, with a group of thieves intending to steal it from him.
7 Mime Games January 26, 2002
A mime artist takes a shine to Mr. Bean when the pair meet in the local park.
8 Spring Clean January 26, 2002
Mr. Bean decides it is time for a spring clean.
9 No Pets February 3, 2002
Mr. Bean wants to buy a new pet for himself, despite the protests of Mrs. Wicket who wouldn't allow any pet other than Scrapper.
10 "Ray Of Sunshine" February 3, 2002
Mr. Bean struggles to maintain the only ray of sunshine on a beach for himself.
11 "Birthday Bear" February 10, 2002
It is Teddy's birthday, and Bean decides to give him a treat.
12 The Mole February 10, 2002
Mrs. Wicket orders Mr. Bean to intervene when a mole interrupts her game of croquet on the lawn.
13 Roadworks February 17, 2002
Roadworks outside of Mr. Bean's flat cause him grief, and so he goes to stop the road workers.
14 "The Sofa" February 17, 2002
When Mr. Bean's sofa becomes old and worn, he decides to purchase a new one.
15 Nurse! March 26, 2002
Mr. Bean decides to fake an accident in order to get perks from the hospital.
16 Dead Cat March 26, 2002
Mr. Bean accidentally causes Scrapper to go missing, so he tries to find a replacement cat before Mrs. Wicket finds out.

Season 2

Episode # Title Original air date
17 Gadget Kid February 16, 2003
Mr. Bean meets and befriends a young, naughty and smart Japanese boy with the latest technological gadgets at a museum.
18 The Visitor February 16, 2003
An old friend and former kindergarten classmate of Mr. Bean's named Harry ruins a visit when he eats all of his food.
19 "Royal Bean" February 23, 2003
Mr. Bean saves the Queen's dog while trying to replace a mug, and is knighted and given a new one.
20 "Young Bean" February 23, 2003
Mr. Bean begins to reminisce about his childhood adventures after hiding in the attic from Mrs. Wicket.
21 "Goldfish" March 1, 2003
Mr. Bean tries training a goldfish in order to break a record.
22 "Inventor" March 1, 2003
When Mr. Bean receives a visit from a rich inventor, it inspires him to start inventing so he can impress Mrs. Wicket.
23 "Car Trouble" March 8, 2003
When Mr. Bean's mini breaks down, he attempts to find other methods of transport to get to an important event by getting a hot air balloon.
24 Restaurant March 8, 2003
Mr. Bean eats at a restaurant also being dined at by a group of irritating celebrities both then he gets another crush on one of the celebrities then he gets kissed.
25 Hot Date March 15, 2003
Mr. Bean and Irma Gobb go out on a date wherein he forgets his wallet forcing her to pay for all
26 Wanted March 15, 2003
A case of mistaken identity makes the authorities mistake Mr. Bean for an identical escaped prisoner, who finds being Mrs. Wicket to be a greater punishment.
27 "Big TV" March 22, 2003
When Mr. Bean's old TV breaks, he tries to buy a new one.
28 "Keyboard Capers" March 22, 2003
Mr. Bean buys a piano to learn how to play it. He is given a self playing keyboard by a piano teacher.
29 Camping March 29, 2003
Mr. Bean goes camping in a caravan made out of Mrs. Wicket's storage.
30 Chocks Away! March 29, 2003
Mr. Bean flies a remote control aeroplane to get revenge on an annoying overweight boy.
31 Super Trolley April 5, 2003
When Mr. Bean gets a wonky shopping trolley at the local supermarket, he decides to build his own trolley.
32 "Magpie" April 5, 2003
Mr. Bean is arrested when a selection of jewelery is stolen in the local area - however, it is soon discovered the culprit may not be a human.

Season 3

Episode # Title Original air date
33 "Cat Sitting" November 6, 2004
After Mrs. Wicket breaks her leg, Mr. Bean is forced to look after her pet cat, Scrapper.
34 The Bottle May 10, 2004
Mr. Bean attempts to retrieve his antique ship-in-a-bottle after he mistakenly takes the ship-in-a-bottle by the milkman.
35 Art Thief November 7, 2004
Mr. Bean mistakes someone for an art thief.
36 "Scaredy Bean" May 11, 2004
Mr. Bean runs into a selection of movies. He finds in his dreams where he seeks the help for Mr. Tiny to defeat the villains.
37 Bean In Love May 12, 2004
A mean security guard prevents Mr. Bean from getting to see Roxy, a hot and sexy singer whom Mr. Bean has a crush on.
38 "Double Trouble" May 13, 2004
When an identical 'Bean' arrives, Irma becomes puzzled between who is the real Mr. Bean and who is the fake Mr. Bean
39 Hopping Mad! May 14, 2004
Mr. Bean deals with a frog infestation while Mrs. Wicket entertains important guests.
40 "A Grand Invitation" May 17, 2004
Mr. Bean is invited to a posh country house after he is believed to have saved a dog.
41 "A Royal Makeover" May 18, 2004
Mrs. Wicket takes over Mr. Bean's flat after he redecorates it in the style of Buckingham Palace.
42 "SuperMarrow" May 19, 2004
Mr. Bean competes against his neighbours in growing a watermelon.
43 "A Running Battle" May 20, 2004
Mr. Bean enters himself in a local marathon in an attempt to impress Mrs. Wicket's elderly friends. Tutati, his diabolical neighbor dog, ruins the race after the dog bites Mr. Bean's leg.
44 "Egg And Bean" May 21, 2004
After Mr. Beans Television antenna is have a nest with a egg inside Mr. Bean is forced to take care of a swarm of birds after they start to hatch in his gutters.
45 "Haircut" May 24, 2004
When the local hairdresser messes up Mr. Bean's haircut, he decides to take matters into his own hands.
46 "Neighbourly Bean" May 25, 2004
To spite his noisy next-door neighbours after he watches his favorite show, Mr. Bean records every noise they make and then plays it back at high volume during the night so that they can't sleep.
47 "The Ball" May 26, 2004
Mr. Bean is forced to help an overweight father and son after their tennis ball becomes trapped on the roof of an elderly gentleman.
48 "Toothache" May 27, 2004
Mr. Bean attempts to remove a loose tooth.
49 "In The Pink" May 28, 2004
Mr. Bean foils a duo of fraudsters who are selling a worm-eating rodent as a special breed of badgers in a local pet store.
50 "Dinner For Two" May 31, 2004
Mr. Bean destroys the centrepiece of a his meal during a romantic evening.
51 Treasure! June 1, 2004
Mr. Bean discovers that a missing jigsaw piece and a treasure map could be connected in some way.
52 "Homeless" June 2, 2004
Mr. Bean is kicked out of his flat when Mrs. Wicket misinterprets his being hidden under a blanket to be perversion. He eventually is allowed back when she thinks he fought off a real predator.