Mr. Bean goes to an art museum but doesn't like naked pictures and statues. Then, when he saw a thief trying to steal the flower portrait, he takes a picture but takes time for it to reveal. But by the time when the photo's revealed, he saw the portrait gone and mistakenly thinks that the thief steals it and goes on a goose chase. But it turns out that the artist was the one who takes the portrait to clean it and Bean managed to capture the art thief. But when his car has stopped working, he tries to fix it only to be interrupted by the female traffic warden.

Art Thief
Art Thief
Season: 3
Broadcast number: 35

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was not released onto DVD because it had nudity in it. On one scene Mr. Bean covers up a female's breasts on a painting so that school children couldn't see it.